• Blackjack

    Blackjack in 10 Lines of Modern Perl.

  • Future Moose Support

  • Tyranny Of Distributions

    The Mojolicious team has deprecated Mojolicious on Perl 5.8. Sebastian has a really good argument for doing this, 5.8’s regular expression engine is causing security problems. Considering that Perl 5.8 has been deprecated by the core Perl developers, and that 5.10 will be deprecated when Perl 5.14 is released sometime very soon, dropping support for 5.8 really shouldn’t be very controversial.

  • The Psgi Is The Limit

    The PSGI is the Limit

  • Information Hiding or how I learned to hate state and love behavior...

    The conversations about documentation of Object Oriented Perl brought up a classic disagreement about the nature of encapsulation. It doesn’t help that the term ‘encapsulation’ is overloaded.