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3 Strange Years

3 strange years…

According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, this May will mark the 3 year anniversary of our possession of this domain name. It doesn’t really seem like that long, but then I suppose it really is.

I’ve lived over seas for two years, spoken at a major industry conference, and seen many of the classics of art (David daddy David!). I’ve written a programming language, a half dozen websites, an IRC robot that shouts DAHUT! at people.

I haven’t written a comment script, but I plan on it.

And aparently I’ve redesigned the site 14 times according to the same Wayback Machine.

I realize I’m rambling here, and it’s gotten a bit embarassing. Let’s just finish by saying I hope I can say I’ve traveled as far in the next 3 years as I have in the last.

And as I said 3 years ago, Merry Christmas Dad.