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Chris Prather

Work Experience

PRL/Opentrons - New York NY (remote) (500+ employees)

PRL/Opentrons is a fast growing startup in the healthcare industry.

Director of Software - 03/28/2021 - Preset - 40 hours / week

Lead Software Engineer - 6/2021 - 03/23/2021 - 40 hours / week

Senior Software Engineer - 4/2021 - 06/2021 - 40 hours / week

The Software department at PRL is responsible for all in-house developed software, including our custom Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Client Portal, and Electronic Lab Reporting.

Duties and Responsbilities

I participated in and oversaw the Software department as it grew from a single team of 5 people to several functional working groups of 2 engineering managers and 17 developers.

Attention to Detail
Customer Service
Oral Communication
Problem Solving

Joyent - San Francisco CA (Remote) (100 Employees)

Joyent is a subsidary of Samsung Electronics specializing in Cloud Computing.

Cloud Deployment Engineer - 06/2018 to 4/2021 - 40 hours / week

The cloud deployment team is responsible for the preflight configuration and validation of machines before they were released for production use in our cloud services environment.

Duties and Responsbilities

Initially I maintained the UI/UX our build validation system Conch. Worked with the team lead to identify, interview and hire a new developer to take over the maintenance of the UI/UX component. I worked on several projects related to build automation, including proof of concept for a Data Center Inventory Management system. I took over the build operations platform and duties.

Attention to Detail
Customer Service
Oral Communication
Problem Solving

Tamarou LLC - Orlando FL (3 Employee)

Tamarou is a consulting company specializing in primarily web applications with a focus in Perl. The “miracles of ingenuity” that comes with advanced technology should be used to minimize the time spent in unattractive labor, software developers should be craftsman who take pleasure in their work produce things that are pleasing to their customers.

Managing Partner - 10/2008 to 06/2018 - 40 hours / week

Duties and Responsibilities

Managed administrative, business, and legal aspects of this consulting company including finding new contracts, tracking invioces, and work assignments.

Attention to Detail
Customer Service
Oral Communication
Problem Solving

Callsheet LLC - Los Angeles, CA (Remote) (3 employees)

Callsheet produces next generation filmmaking pre-production software.

Founder - 08/2011 to 06/2018 - 10 hours / week

Handled the administrative, business, and legal aspects of this early stage startup. Assisted with architecture and design for both the REST API, and EmberJS based UI.

HD Publishing Group, Development Team - Lake Mary FL (50 employees)

An internet marketing and data aggregation company that develops services to provide the public with access to information in a consumer-friendly manner.

Programmer - 10/2008 to 08/2009 - 40 hours / week

Made significant changes to the order processing system, reducing code duplication and adding more verification of user entered data. Added a system to track updates to customer billing accounts and update internal records so that automatic re-billing would work seamlessly. Helped implement integration with a third party credit card verification system. Built an on-deman reporting system to perform business intelligence queries for Marketting and Upper Managment. Researched developing a graph oriented data-store linking potentially hundreds of millions of records based on latent semantic criteria. Introduced modern Perl frameworks such as Moose, and DBIx::Class into the development process, and migrated the code source control system from Subversion to Git. I assisted developers on getting up to speed with the new systems and technology.

Infinity Interactive - Manhasset, NY (Remote) (8 Employees)

We’re not your typical dev shop; not your typical IT consulting firm. We’ve been here since 1998—before the “dot-com” boom (the first one) and long enough to maybe even have a little grey in our hair. You can’t come to our office, because we don’t have an office.

Software Developer - 03/2007 to 10/2008 - 40 hours / week

Worked on large Catalyst and DBIx::Class based websites, and developed backend applications for offline processing using Moose and POE.

Reuters, Fixed Income Pricing - St. Paul MN (5000 Employees)

The Fixed Income Pricing Group at Reuters was responsible for the pricing data for all the Fixed Income (Bonds, CMOs, etc) products that Reuters tracked professionally.

Software Engineer — 04/2004 to 03/2007 - 40 hours / week

Designed and built a web application to allow the Pricing Desk analysts control over Money Market instrument pricing, and web application to allow data analysts access to quality assurance tools for Real Time Composite Pricing. Helped architect and implement the Real Time Composite Pricing cycle infrastructure. Built an application for real time TBA mortgage pricing, and designed several other web based utilities for the Pricing Desk analysts to control the daily pricing cycles.

NKD Webmedia - Edinburgh, Scotland (7 employees)

Bespoke software consultancy specializing in web delivered applications.

Software Developer - 12/2001 to 08/2003 - 40 hours / week

Designed and implemented a multi-tiered Apache/mod_perl + SOAP application, and implemented SoqL OO Relational Database language (atop MySQL 3.23). I presented a talk about SoqL at YAPC::EU 2003. Administered several Linux (Gentoo, RH 7.x) boxes running Apache/mod_perl & MySQL platforms. Designed and Implemented a large scale SQL Server 2000 Database for a Continuing Professional Development Management system.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) is a repository of over 250,000 software modules and accompanying documentation for 39,000 distributions, written in the Perl programming language by over 12,000 contributors.

Module Author - 04/2003 – Present

Troop 23, 42 and Pack 42 - Orlando Florida

Boy Scouts of America Units in Orlando Florida

Assistant Scout Master Troop 23 and 42 - 02/2018 to Present

Cubmaster - 02/2013 to 02/2019

Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC)

Lead Conference Organizer

Yet Another Perl Conference, usually given as the abbreviation YAPC, is a series of conferences discussing the Perl programming language, usually organized under the auspices of The Perl Foundation and Yet Another Society, a “non-profit corporation for the advancement of collaborative efforts in computer and information sciences”. is collection of IRC servers run by various members of the Perl community. It is home to hundreds of perl projects, modules and social channels. It is also home to a lot of not-perl projects and the like.

IRC Operator - January 2013 - Present


BA, English: Technical Communication 2001 — University of Central Florida

AA, General Studies 1997 - Valencia Community College

Honors & Awards

White Camel Award 2015 - The Perl Foundation

“Chris Prather, also known as perigrin, has been a tireless community leader for the Orlando Perl mongers and a conference organizer for Perl Oasis, YAPC::NA 2011 in Ashville, and YAPC::NA 2014 in Orlando.” - brain d foy