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Chris Prather

Top Skills

Perl, REST, Web Development, Git, Linux, SQL, Software Development, XML, Open Source, Moose, OOP, Bash, OS X, JavaScript, NodeJS, Apache, Databases, SOAP, Technical Leadership, CSS, HTML, CGI, Web Design


Cloud Deployment Engineer

June 2018 - Present Remote

Managing Partner — Tamarou

September 2008 - Present - Orlando FL

Tamarou is a consulting company specializing in primarily developing web applications with a focus in Perl. We believe that the “miracles of ingenuity” that come with advanced technology should be used to minimize the time spent in unattractive labor, and that craftsman who take pleasure in their work produce things that are pleasing to their customers.

We have worked with customers on migrating their antiquated applications to modern REST APIs leveraging Modern Perl’s best practices, migrated systems to use queue based infrastructures to promote scalability, and done systems deployments and data center migrations for large applications using Ansible.

Module Author — CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)

April 2003 – Present

I’m one of the core maintainers for Moose, mostly responsible for which allows you to write one-liners easier. In 2007 I created Task::Kensho primarily to stop Matt Trout’s whinging about a kitchen sink included distribution for Perl. Worked with the current and original maintainers of Net::Twitter during the re-design and port to Moose.

Founder — Callsheet

August 2011 – Present - Los Angeles CA

Next generation film pre-production software.

We want our tools to help filmmakers kick butt at every step of the process, from inspiration and pre-production through financing, production, post, and distribution.

I handle the administrative, business, and legal aspects of this early stage startup.

Development Team Programmer — HD Publishing Group

September 2008 – August 2009 - Lake Mary FL

I made significant changes to the order processing system, reducing code duplication and adding more verification of user entered data. I added a system to track updates to customer billing accounts and update our internal records so that automatic re-billing would work seamlessly. I helped implement integration with a third party verification system. I built an on-deman reporting system to perform business intelligence queries for Marketting and Upper Managment.

I researched developing a graph oriented data-store linking potentially hundreds of millions of records based on latent semantic criteria.

Finally I introduced modern Perl frameworks such as Moose, and DBIx::Class into the development process, and migrated the code source control system from Subversion to Git. I assisted developers on getting up to speed with the new systems and technology.

Software Developer — Infinity Interactive

March 2007 – September 2008

Worked on large Catalyst and DBIx::Class based websites, and developed back end applications for off line processing using Moose and POE.

Software Engineer — Reuters

April 2004 – March 2007 - St. Paul MN

As a software engineer for the Reuters Fixed Income Pricing Group, I designed and built a web application to allow the Pricing Desk analysts control over Money Market instrument pricing, and web application to allow data analysts access to quality assurance tools for Real Time Composite Pricing. I helped architect and implement the Real Time Composite Pricing cycle infrastructure. I built an application for real time TBA mortgage pricing, and designed several other web based utilities for the Pricing Desk analysts to control the daily pricing cycles.

Software Developer — NKD Webmedia

December 2001 – August 2003 - Edinburgh Scotland

I designed and implemented a multi-tiered Apache/mod_perl + SOAP application, and implemented SoqL OO Relational Database language. I presented a talk about SoqL at YAPC::EU 2003.

I was also the systems administrator for several Linux (Gentoo, RH 7.x) boxes running Apache/mod_perl & MySQL platforms

I Designed and Implemented a large scale SQL Server 2000 Database for a Continuing Professional Development Management system

Lab Technican — University of Central Florida

November 1999 – May 2001 - Orlando FL

I taught HTML Workshops for Students, Faculty, and Staff. I also assisted students with computer and internet related course work, in addition to maintaining a 20 client NT 4 network.

Software Developer — Chuni Lal Holdings

September 1999 – May 2001 - Orlando FL

I was the main programmer in an effort to build craigslist several years too early.

Computer Lab Technician — Valencia Community College

August 1997 – November 1999 - Orlando FL

I managed four to eight computer labs running Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 95 Client and Peer Networking, Windows NT 4.0, as well as Novell 3.5x, 4.10, and 4.11 for Continuing Education and corporate contract classes.

I helped maintain a ten client peer to peer network running Windows 95,Windows NT, and Mac OS 7. I set up and helped maintain the library’s Apache web server on a Windows NT 4.0 server. I also designed and developed HTML based help tutorials, and Real Media content, and answered faculty technical questions.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Cubmaster — Pack 42 Orlando Florida

February 2013 - Present

Woodbadge Trained (S4-83-14-2 - Antelope)

Conference Organizer YAPC::NA — The Perl Foundation

June 2013 – June 2014

I was again the lead organizer for the premier Perl event in North America. We got over 300 attendees in Orlando Florida.

Man of Mystery, Pretty Pretty Princess, and Twitter Pony —

January 2013 - Present

I maintain a node on the IRC network, work as a network administrator (Oper) and act as a community liason.

Conference Organizer YAPC::NA — The Perl Foundation

June 2010 – June 2011

I was the lead organizer for a team of about 20. We had nearly 400 attendees in Asheville, NC.


BA, English: Technical Communication — University of Central Florida

1997 – 2001

Activities and Societies: Future Tech

AA, General Studies — Valencia College

1995 – 1997


Leader Emeritus —

June 2007 - Present

Dahut in charge of editing the Leader’s source code —

June 2003 - Present

Honors & Awards

White Camel Award — The Perl Foundation

December 2015 “Chris Prather, also known as perigrin, has been a tireless community leader for the Orlando Perl mongers and a conference organizer for Perl Oasis, YAPC::NA 2011 in Ashville, and YAPC::NA 2014 in Orlando.” - brain d foy


Marc Mims - Principal at Followerwonk

October 7, 2016 - Marc managed Chris directly

Chris Prather is someone you will want on your team. He is the master of many skills, learns new skills quickly, and acts as a multiplier for team effectiveness.

I met Chris through work on OSS projects and sought his recommendation when we needed a full-time contractor for Followerwonk at Moz. To my surprise and good fortune, Chris was available himself. We spent 4 years working together through that relationship.

Chris is an extremely active member of the Perl community. He has organized and hosted conferences, including YAPC::NA, the annual North American conference. He knows, personally, many of the most active and respected authors and maintainers in the Perl community. This is invaluable for a team using Perl. While contracting for Moz, he facilitated many interactions with authors of modules our product depended on, getting assistance with bugs (whether ours or those in dependent modules), getting our patches for upstream dependencies applied and released, and obtaining expert advice when we needed it.

Chris is an expert with many of the Perl’s modern, active, projects. We employed his extensive knowledge of Moose, DBIx::Class, and many modules he authored himself, or contributed to.

Chris in a REST expert. He took the lead on all of our API design and implementation initiatives.

I’ve worked daily with Chris for years, but seldom in person. He’s a master of remote communication and can work extremely well remotely.

If your are considering adding Chris to your team or project, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about his potential fit.

Peter Li - Fullstack Developer / Project Manager

September 12, 2016, Peter worked with Chris on the same project

Professional, patient, knowledgeable. These are the words that comes to my mind when I think of Chris and my time working with him. He was the contractor in our team when I joined, however he integrates with the team, led many critical architecture discussion, and most importantly has an open mind to participate and improve the team both from a technical and personal standpoint. Working with Chris was a pleasure, and he will be on the top of my list the next time I need a full stack developer for my team.

Breno G. de Oliveira — Co Founder at Colab55

September 29, 2014, Breno reported to Chris at Tamarou

Chris is a great manager, very practical and pragmatic when it comes to solving the client’s needs. He really knows how to shield the team in challenging situations while still allowing them to take ownership of the projects and responsibilities they were assigned with. His experience and impressive technical skills let him effectively deal with potential issues before they even arise

Scott McWhirter — Senior Systems Engineer at nearForm

December 8, 2008, Scott worked directly with Chris at CPAN

Chris has always been a great source of ideas and I have a great respect for the code that he produces. I have worked with him on several occasions with Open Source projects on CPAN and a lot of his comments and suggestions have shaped the work I have produced. I hope to work more with him in the future.

Michael Nachbaur — Lead Member of Technical Staff at

January 25, 2007, Michael was with another company when working with Chris at CPAN

I have known Chris for more than 5 years now as mutual developers on the same Open Source software project, as well as socially. In this time, Chris has proven himself to be reliable, both as a person as well as in his capacity as a software developer. In this industry you tend to surround yourself by a network of developers whose style, adherence to good practices and standards, and personal ethic are compatible with your own. In this regard, Chris is not only an excellent developer but also a good friend.

I would gladly work with Chris anywhere, and would hire him in an instant if I were in a position to do so.

Michael Boyko — Software Engineer at Clockwork Active Media

January 22, 2008, Michael worked directly with Chris at Reuters

Chris knows more about Perl than anyone else that I know. He is very well versed in what CPAN has and has contributed to it on multiple occasions. If you are looking for a Perl programmer then Chris should be considered for the job.

Laura Intably — Owner at iQ Beauty

March 13, 2007, Laura was Chris’s client

Chris’s technical knowledge, creativity and integrity are of the highest level,. He is an extemely experienced software developer with a knack for problem solving.

Alex Fotios — CEO, CTO at Domino Enterprises

February 15, 2007, Alex worked directly with Chris at NKD Webmedia

I have worked with Chris in the same group for more than a year and I can safely say that he is a very talented and dedicated developer that would make a great asset to any software development effort. On top of that he is a very good team player and above all a nice person that can be trusted.