• New Look, New Digs

    One of the biggest problems with dogfooding is that you’re eating dogfood. I’ve not had the time to work on blawd in several years at this point. That means that all the nits I have with it still have cumulatively stopped me from blogging.

  • Enhanced Smoking Techniques for Saving My Ass

    In which we learn how a series of cockups can reinforce lessons about money, and potentially provide some new infrastructure for Perl5 Core

  • How to Automate breaking half of CPAN with Dist::Zilla!

    So last night I dropped a new module on to the CPAN. Normally this would be a cause for celebration, except it turns out I broke Moose.

  • I saw the best minds of my generation...

    So there has been a recent post that stirred up some commentary. The basic gist is that the author decided to leave Perl because he got tired of living with the constant scolding over ‘use strict’. Something that (as he points out in an update) even Mark Jason Dominus has commented on1.

    1. If you have no clue who MJD is you can skip this blog post because you haven’t been around long enough to remember when things were different. If you have no clue why MJD’s opinion might possibly matter, well … thank you mjd for reading my blog.

  • Perl Oasis 2012

    How to organize a conference in your home town, and then not attend!