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Awsome Forces

Awsome Forces

So because of Mark I have signed up with which is very very neat thus far. Okay so it really isn’t doing anyting for me beyond tracking my musical tastes. But that alone is pretty neat.

What really needs to happen though is needs to join forces with someone like iTMS, Napster or better yet eMusic . So that instead of “like this song? Buy the whole album!” you can instead say “Like this song? Buy Just this Song!”

The ability to reccomend specific tracks based upon what a community of people listen to is nifty, but the requirement to buy an entire freekin album because you like one track died when iTMS came online. Actually it died when the original Napster came online, people (okay … I) only bought albums when they had heard three or four songs by a band and decided they liked them well enough to go with the album.

There are quite a few albums I regretted buying because I wasn’t into the rest of the music. Anybody know any of the other songs off the Blind Melon album? Exactly.

But if you were the kind who liked that it would come up regularly in your “you’d probably also like this track”, you’d buy three or four songs and eventually just buy the album, and probably every other album they made. For example my need to own everything the Aquabats have done, as well as everything by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

Ah well it, one day it will come.