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So I broke Moveable Type a few weeks back and haven’t been able to post a new blog post since then. I’ve been getting tired of Moveable Type’s over head on my server, and while I appreciate the work put into Melody I’ve decided to try something different.

I’ve been intrigued by Bloxsom style blogs in the past but I really didn’t like some of the choices that blosxom made, and I thought the thought every hacker has “Hey I could do that!”. So I decided to try.

This blog is now self-hosting on a web framework I wrote called Blawd

20:42 <@perigrin> .ety flower
20:42 <+phenny> "c.1200, from O.Fr. flor, from L. florem (nom. flos)
'flower' (see flora), from PIE base *bhlo- 'to blossom, flourish' (cf.
M.Ir. blath, Welsh blawd 'blossom, flower,' O.E. blowan 'to flower,
bloom')." -

Blawd is written in Moose and uses Git::PurePerl to introspect a Git repository and render the files it finds there as a blog. The files themselves are stored as MultiMarkdown documents. This combination means I can write my blog on my laptop and publish it on my server easily (a must for me), and I can keep track of revisions.

Blawd is obviously a very alpha piece of software, and it’s a highly personal itch so I’m not planning on releasing it to CPAN. However I am willing to allow anybody to fork it and use what they want, I’ll accept useful patches and do that kind of stuff. If you do use it I’d love to hear about it!