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Collected Random Geekness

Collected Random Geekness

Right so an aggregate post of random geek things.

Apocalypse 6 is out. For those of you who don’t know, but might care Perl is currently be re-designed from the ground up. The design documentations are all being produced in a series of what are called Apocalypses (in the “something revelaed” sense … though possibly depending on who you talk to in the “Aaaagh the world is ending!” sense). Apocalypse 6 deals with the changes to subroutines, which are massive.

Second, I updated Bot::Pluggable::Blogger to use Text::Chump, despite Text::Chump failing every single test on both platforms I tried it on (Linux and WinXP). Now Bender can post links and they’re actually linked.

Finally I sent in a bug report to the guy who does Net::Blogger (the package used in the Blogger package above) and got a tag line in the Changes.log file as “the anonymous user from rt.cpan” … silly cpan didn’t pass on my e-mail address.

There that was my geek catharsis. I feel much better now.