The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

I'm deeply apologetic to those…

I’m deeply apologetic to those who’ve found this place less than maintained, I’ve been terribly busy trying to not starve. Aparently the world doesn’t want or need yet another web designer. I’m trying to convince it otherwise. On to why I’m posting.

I was out looking for Prather’s out there, and some Prather information in general. I found a number of sites that will eventually make it into a links page I’m sure. But three need to be placed here first.

First there is the Prather Geneology Mailing List homepage. I’ve just signed up, so I have no clue what they talk about, but since I’m going to start digging I thought I’d announce it to those who haven’t found it yet. (And re-assure those who have that I’m not going about this half-assed … unless maybey I am.)

Second there is the very robust, Prather/Prater Geneology Website put up by Martin Prather. This site is I admit a bit of a flash back for me, the midi file and frames send me to my youth when I was just dreaming of being a starving web designer. The information however is without peer, Martin my hat’s off to you.

Last is the amazingly geekish The 777 Project by Robert Prather. This guy actually built a full out flight simulator for a 777 aircraft, and then decided to tell the world. How cool is that!