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Family Ties

Family Ties

So tonight I got an e-mail from Martin Prather asking what was up with I didn’t have a good answer, which leads me to wanting to do something more open with it. So, I think I’m gonna create something there simple for now, and more complex later.

Simple is I think going to be a simple wiki. Probably something like CGI::Wiki::Kwiki or something similar. Hopefully I can get the tuits to upgrade it to SAWA::Wiki eventually but that will have to be a future task.

More complex later I want to be something based off:

Gedcom - a module to manipulate Gedcom genealogy files -

The general theme is I’d like to build a website for the Prather Family as a whole. If I get the Wiki setup I’d like to invite people who are interested into helping me maintain it, and enhancing the entire experience. The whole thing is going to be yet another project on my never ending list of ToDo items.