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Funny Anecdotes

Funny Anecdotes

So last night Katie comes into our room at 2am. She says “Daddy I had a bad dream.” Which isn’t horrible suprising, she often falls asleep in our bed, and I move her when Jamie and I come to bed. We also keep a blowup mattress in our room for her (A hello kitty sleeping bag style one if that makes sense) because she will sleep sideways and make both Jamie and I horribly uncomfortable if she sleeps in our bed.

Last night however we had folded the blow up mattress up (it was very deflated) and moved it off to one side of the room. So when Katie came in I scooted over and figured I’d move her when she became uncomfortable.

Instead of crawling into bed however, she went over and unfurled her blow up bed, lay it down, realized that the blanket on it wasn’t gonna be enough for her, got back up, went into her room and got a blanket, then came back and lay down again.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. Our six year old is independant enough that she is willing and able to make her own bed on the floor of our room, even when given the option of sleeping with us.

Though I probably shouldn’t be suprised. This is the same little girl that had the following conversation with me on the first night I took her to swimming lessons:

Katie: Dad … you know you’re not allowed in the girls room right? Me: Yeah honey, I know … why? Do you want to come into boys room with me and change? Katie: No, I’ll be fine.

And then at swimming she got changed and out to the pool all on her own (I actually got lost trying to find someway to the pool without going through the changing room as I wasn’t changing). When her lesson was over, she changed back and met me on the otherside of the changing rooms.

Granted however she was the last one out, and one mother did come out after about 20 minutes with “Are you Katilynn’s Dad?” “Yes.” “She’ll be right out she needed to dry her hair. I just thought I should let you know so you wouldn’t worry.”

I love my little girl.