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Hokey Smokes!

MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00

For the first full week that it was available in bookstores, the week ending February 11th, Megatokyo Volume 2 came in at #4, being being outsold by only 3 titles - Kenshin Vol 3, Fruits Basket Vol 1 and Trigun Vol 2. Holy crap, as they say. The week after that, MT Vol2 came in at #7, then the third week it came in at #9. On the fourth week it wasn't in the top 10 anymore -- it fell to #13, and in the fifth week (that was last week) it fell to #22. Still, that's really not too shabby in a field of well over 700 titles.

Holy Crap indeed!

It’s a sign showing that OpenSource can work for media other than software.