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I Stupidly Forgot To Update

I stupidly forgot to update…

I stupidly forgot to update the page just a second ago and lost the previous post. I suppose this is why people use blogging software. I really should get my ass in gear and write that blogging software I wanna write.

The good thing is I had nothing important to say before. So it’s not like you all are missing anything important.

::time passes::

So the question arises, am I lazy, or inventive? I spent several hours tonight writting an application to change the mp3’s playing on a different machine on the network because I didn’t want to have to getup, walk across the room, and push a button.

This is the same problem that caused the invention of the remote control. And Lazy is one of the attributes of a good programmer.

Of course silly me, I gave my kid brother the URL for the app (yes I wrote as a mod_perl handler, have you got a problem wtih that?) and he spent the next hour f***ing with the songs. ::sigh::