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Looking For A Few Good Books

Looking for a few good books

[Note: For context, my mom works in a library in North Georgia. ]


Can you send me the names of some good Science Fictions Authors, other than the popular ones such as Robert Jordan? Susie’s looking for authors to add to the collections at the library.



Actually there was a series of books they published when we first moved to London that was brilliant:

My roomate and I would buy three or four of these when we’d run out of material while we were living there and then share them. Any of the authors of those books would be worthy, the ones I remember being particularly good were Sam Delany, Greg Bear, Brian Aldiss, JG Ballard, Theodore Sturgeon, and James Blish. In the fantasy section Hope Mirrlees and George RR. Martin. Fantasy books I liked not included in that series anything by Neil Gaiman. Ellen Datlow and Terri Wyndling have a series of collections they’ve edited together that have major SF&F writers re-telling fairy tales which is very well done (I have Black Heart, Ivory Bones). I’d point out Terry Prachett if I didn’t think he fell into the obvious ones (like Robert Jordan). If you can swing Graphic Novels into the mix as well Alan Moore would fit into this category and is completely brilliant (Watchmen, League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta …).

Also they’re about to release a new move based off Richard Mathesons: I am Legend. and Rodger Zelany’s Lord of Light is in my pile of books to give to Mark actually since I think he’d love it.

I could probably be a librarian for a SF&F library section in and of itself :)

Who did I miss?

UPDATE: I cross posted this to my use.perl journal and got several replies there since comments seem to be broken here. And Susie replied directly to me:

Thank you so much for the great list of authors for me to wade through. I know nothing about Sci-Fi/Fantasy other than the well-knowns like Jordan, Tolkien etc. Any time you read a great book that you recommend please feel free to let us know. We’ve officially given you the position (sadly, unpaying) of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Advisor for UCPL.