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Moving And Living

Moving and Living

First let me apologize for not being online, the internet connection although Wireless has been filtered to only accept connections on Port 80. That plus the fact I had to register my MAC address means they’re very paranoid at this hotel. But it also means I’m not willing to try to find ways around that.

We sign a lease today for an apartment in St. Paul. We’re going to be living in a loft in Lowertown Commons which I totally fell in love with.

It’s only 7 blocks from work walking, and 2 blocks from the Sky way system so I don’t have to be outside (much) during the walk.

All in all I’m very excited by it.

Next we deal with all the fiddly bits of moving, like getting our car’s re-tagged and getting Minnesota Driver’s licenses. Which may be trouble because there are forms that need notorization.