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My Comments Are Done

My Comments are Done

I stumbled across a post on which summed up alot of feelings I’ve had about blogging in the last two years or so.

The personal stuff, well...I'm just realizing that lots of people I know read this blog -- people I've had romantic relationships with, people I have professional relationships with, people I owe money to. I don't seem to be able to be candid about myself without either infuriating or worrying one of these groups of people. I don't know why I blog. I don't think I do it for myself; I've never kept a diary, nor really had the urge to. I think I do it to communicate.

So, if blogging is a way for me to communicate comments only serve to enable those without blogs to participate. But here’s teh crux, the only people I know who would comment have a blog to comment through. So I’ve turned off comments rather permanently. Use trackback.

Those of you who don’t have a blog can e-mail me, or better yet start your own blog and comment through it. I can even set you up with reasonable hosting if you want.

I’m done.