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Name That Tune

Name that Tune

Let’s play Name that tune. Don’t cheat. What Movie is this song from?

FilmForce: Interview with Kirk Thatcher (Part 1 of 2)


Lyrics by Kirk R. Thatcher
Music by Mark Mangini

(to be sung Allegro con Temptible)

Just what is the future?
The things we've done and said.
Let's just push the button.
We'd be better off dead!

And I hate you!
and I berate you !
and I can't wait to get to you...

The sins of all the fathers,
being dumped on us – the sons
The only choice we're given is:
How many megatons?

So I eschew you!
And I say "SCREW YOU"!
And I hope you're blue too!

We're all bloody worthless,
Just greedy human scum,
The numbers all add up
to a negative sum...

And I hate you!
And I hate you!
And I hate you...too!