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One Of The Three

One of the three

Right, so perhaps some gentle egging can keep Christy posting. I read her blog, more often it seems than I talk to her. So I’m one of the three. I’m no better at keeping things up to date than she is. For me it’s a motivation thing, I’m either not at my computer when I want to write something (and I haven’t gotten my Palm setup to blog from it yet … used to, doesn’t now.) or I am but I’m busy doing something else that I can’t be bothered to take the time to huntdown a way of adding a posting.

I manually update the pages myself. I don’t (yet) use MoveableType or Blogger or any other blogging software. I use Soq which is the product I’m a developer on, but sometimes it’s hard to find a working demo (cause I break mine more often than not developing on it) that has permission to write to …

I want to take a look at writing an application that will take let me post in the least intensive fashion possible. Does anybody have any reccomendations? I’d also like to have it do RSS feeds, and some other nice features if possible.

I’ve thought about going with Moveable Type, it’s popular right now, written in Perl (always a bonus) and does 90% of what I want. It just doesn’t deal well with Soq (currently). I may look at trying to write a Squid (Soq Plugin) to work with Moveable Type. Actually I quite like that idea.