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Openguides Updates

OpenGuides Updates

Thanks to Christopher Schmidt the OpenGuide to the Twin Cities has had some recent upgrades. Chris runs the Boston OpenGuide and has done some serious hackage on that guide to improve usability etc.

I’ve imported a few of his hacks into the Twin City Guide to make my life easier and to see about drumming up more people who actually use it. I think we’re about to hit a tipping point, and people might actually start finding it useful.

So tonight, I’ve gone through and fixed all the church entries I scraped off Planet99, I added City, and Long/Lat metadata to all of them which made the google maps stuff come alive on all of those pages. I have also gone through and updated some of the templates and underlying code to make patching future things easier … new categories will automatically get @MAP_LINK and @INDEX_LIST added to them. And if a node has no content, it will now politely prompt the viewer to edit it and add some.

All this and the Victora, BC Guide gets the additions for Free! W00t