The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

I Did It The Right Way

I Did it the “Right” Way Okay the last thing that came up in Dave Cross’s now infamous Moose or No Moose post. This post comes last because I noticed the question last but it also took the longest to write. The questions is about the idea that is Moose the One True Way. To quote the original Poster: Define "do OO right". Any answer containing ... Read more

Ring Ring Ring Ring Perl Phone

Ring Ring Ring Ring Perl Phone! So I just got my first Perl script running on my Phone. I have a T-Mobile G1 and I installed the Android Scripting Environment 0.11-Alpha which allows you to install a copy of Perl5 (as of this writing 5.10.0) on your phone. It then sets up an RPC enviroment giving you access to the native Android APIs via a very ... Read more

In The Room

In the Room In the Room, originally uploaded by sartak. Shawn Moore found the building my Blog apparently lives in. In Tokyo of all places. One day I shall have to visit my blog! Read more

Command Line Moose Or Knowing What You Dont Know.

Command Line Moose or Knowing what You Don’t know. In one of the comments on Dave Cross’s hotly debated “Moose or No Moose” post someone said: To those who claim Moose is usable in command-line commands, please can you get Moose developers to stop saying otherwise, cos it's hard not to take their claims seriously. I’m a core Moose developer.... Read more

Take Arms Against A Sea Of Troubles

Take arms against a sea of troubles So Dave Cross has started injecting Moose Koolaid into his CPAN modules and got smacked by Adam Kennedy for injecting Moose into something with a ton of downstream dependencies. Or at least it used to have a ton of downstream deps, the module in question, Test::Warn (as Adam rightly points out) has moved on. ... Read more