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Version Numbers And Deprecation Policies

Version Numbers and Deprecation Policies A few days mst pointed out to me the Mojo release notes. I don’t pay attention to the project since these days I have my plate full with Moose, Catalyst, and KiokuDB as well as starting a small business to be paying attention to yet another wheel. My comment was “wow”. To quote the release notes 0.99125... Read more

Sketchy Code

Sketchy Code Quite often when I’m developing with a new framework or toolset I find it easy to write a small test script to make sure I understand the feature I’m working with. They’re sort of like sketches artists do while working on a piece or noodling an idea, or improve performances by actors trying to flesh out a character. Some code I pos... Read more

The Role Of Inheritance

The Role of Inheritance Ovid linked to a blog post about the evil’s of inheritance. The post makes an excellent case for the dangers of inheritance for behavioral composition. However I knew he was running into a problem when his first example still used inheritance to denote Type polymorphism. That’s ultimately my problem with his “solution” to... Read more

Sometimes Nothing Is A Good Default

Sometimes Nothing is a Good Default So I know this has come up before but I can’t see where I’ve mentioned it and stevan just asked me to blog about it. One of the frequently requested features in Moose is for attributes to default to having some kind of accessor either is => 'rw' or is => 'ro' depending on the preference of whomever is ma... Read more

Change Management Is Hard

Change Management is Hard So I’ve just release a new JSON::Any. Back in January when I made the last release, Marc Mims (the new maint for Net::Twitter) had a bug in JSON::Syck which Audrey decided not to fix since JSON::Syck is deprecated. This is fair, she’s the maintainer and is allowed to deprecate things when there are better alternatives o... Read more