The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Comments On Rhondas Comments

Comments on Rhonda’s Comments In response to Rhonda’s Comments on Chris’s Post Yes comments do seem to be broken. However if you ping me sometime via IM I’ll show you how you can use the OpenID system. In fact something is very wonky, because I couldn’t post a comment to your comment about our comments being down. Back to the main gist… I agr... Read more

Breaking News

Breaking News! Arkansas Bans Smoking in Most Public Spots In related news, quality of milk rises and study reports significant decline in Arkansas students math scores. Read more

Foaf Facinatedby

foaf:FacinatedBy I have this idea of using FOAF predicates as tags in For example, if I want to express “harrychen foaf:knows timfinin”, I would bookmark Tim Finin’s homepage on, and tag it with “foaf:knows”. If want to express “harrychen foaf:workplaceHomepage”, I would bookmark Image Matters LL... Read more

Cafe Au Laptop

Cafe au Laptop Coffee shops all over the Twin Cities are morphing into literary salons, jammed with so many people banging away on computers that it’s a struggle to get to the half-and-half. Lattes and laptops I have a friend “Nacho” who due to his status as a telecommuter can work from Cafe’s a lot. Having occasionally pulled a “nacho” m... Read more

Over 80 Billion Serving

Over 80 Billion Serving Internet tops 80 million websites | TG Daily Netcraft said it identified a total of 80,655,992 websites, which represents an increase of 3.1 million since the end of February. In March of 2003, Netcraft reported the existence of about 40 million web sites. This is great, it means I will probably have a job for the r... Read more