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Links For 2006 04 19

links for 2006-04-19 FANBOY .: mc-vforcookie :. Brilliant Acting, Excellent Effects, a Dynamic Masterpiece! (tags: video spoof comedy) Read more

Links For 2006 04 17

links for 2006-04-17 TextMate Blog » Keychain Access from Shell Mac OS has a keychain which is intended for storing and retrieving passwords in a secure fashion, and this service can fortunately be accessed from shell, so that is what I use for my passwords. (tags: osx apple keychain) Read more

Another Reason To Like Neil Gaimen

Another Reason to like Neil Gaimen So there is yet another reason in my books why I enjoy the many many works of Mr. Gaimen. We share our favorite place on earth. (Talking about shooting beginnging for the film version of Stardust) It starts shooting on location in Skye next week. I don’t know if having the multitudinous readers of a blog co... Read more

Links For 2006 04 13

links for 2006-04-13 ICFP06.pdf (application/pdf Object) We have been working on solving this problem for the past ten years by applying principles from functional programming, in particular monads and comprehensions. By viewing data as monads and formulating queries as comprehensions, it becomes possible t (tags: programming functional... Read more

Links For 2006 04 12

links for 2006-04-12 The BuildBot Automatic Build Bot to do churns on checkin (tags: python build testing programming development tools software agile zool #bots) DD-WRT Docu (EN) - WRT Wiki This wiki's goal is to create a full user guide/technical manual for the DD-WRT ( firmware. (tags: wifi router dd-... Read more