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Family Ties

Family Ties So tonight I got an e-mail from Martin Prather asking what was up with I didn’t have a good answer, which leads me to wanting to do something more open with it. So, I think I’m gonna create something there simple for now, and more complex later. Simple is I think going to be a simple wiki. Probably something like CGI::W... Read more

Links For 2006 03 03

links for 2006-03-03 Bunny - Pretty Pretty Princess Because *I* am a pretty pretty princess. Just ask Katie. (tags: bunny webcomic comics) Read more

Links For 2006 03 02

links for 2006-03-02 GentooInstallGuide - Kwiki Revisions - RT Wiki Guide for installing RT on Gentoo (tags: gentoo rt software) Read more

For Christy

For Christy Bunny Read more

Links For 2006 03 01

links for 2006-03-01 (tags: volunteer travel technology activism geek volunteering tech) Peirce, Existential Graphs, Pragmatism (tags: philosophy) SUO: Peirce and thirdness (tags: philosophy) Read more