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Links For 2006 03 15

links for 2006-03-15 A List Apart: Articles: Web 3.0 Zeldman explains why he dislikes the Web 2.0 hype ... (tags: web2.0 ajax web webdesign design zeldman humour community culture blog articles blogs agile usability webservice webdev writing tech technology standards politics programming publishing people) [] Sheepdog ... Read more


Upgrades So, I’ve added a few plugins to the Moveable Type install that powers this blog (as well as Crazy Goes This World) Text Formatting Markdown SmartyPants Blog Templating CatEntries Security OpenID Comments OpenID Server for Moveable Type Generally my hope is to improve the quality of blogging on this server by making i... Read more

Links For 2006 03 13

links for 2006-03-13 Six Apart - Movable Type News - Googlify your Movable Type Blog Add custom blog widgets to Google's Toolbar for Windows (tags: MovableType google mt blog extensions webservices net) OpenID Comments A way to allow Christy to authenticate using her LiveJournal account :) (tags: openID MT commen... Read more

Family Ties

Family Ties So tonight I got an e-mail from Martin Prather asking what was up with I didn’t have a good answer, which leads me to wanting to do something more open with it. So, I think I’m gonna create something there simple for now, and more complex later. Simple is I think going to be a simple wiki. Probably something like CGI::W... Read more

Links For 2006 03 03

links for 2006-03-03 Bunny - Pretty Pretty Princess Because *I* am a pretty pretty princess. Just ask Katie. (tags: bunny webcomic comics) Read more