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Links For 2006 02 09

links for 2006-02-09 The Prejudice Map A well done extraction of returned keywords and mapping. Sort of like applying google's zeitgeist against a map of the world. (tags: google culture maps humor society fun map) Dystopics » The Mysteries of X-GOOGLE-TOKEN and why it matters One of Google's Authentication mechanisims. I wonder... Read more

Links For 2006 02 08

links for 2006-02-08 Parameter passing in Java - by reference or by value? The short story is everything passes by value, but sometimes that value isn't what you expect. (tags: design java) Christmas Tree Applications Not festive holiday stuff, more work suff. High performance JTable applets. (tags: java swing jtable programmi... Read more

Happy 3rd Birthday Bender

Happy 3rd Birthday Bender This was the first post after I wrote Bender. This means that bender is 3 years old today. Happy birthday buddy, I hope to get your next revision out soon. Read more

Programming Narrative

Programming Narrative I had a thought before I fell asleep last night about programming as a narrative construction. It came to me while I was reading Changed Man and the King of Words by Orson Scott Card. Read more

Links For 2006 02 04

links for 2006-02-04 Dan's Blaggity Blog: JavaScript and RDF - (almost) perfect together (tags: javascript rdf) mnot’s Web log: JSON and XML (tags: XML javascript json programming AJAX Web web2.0) Raw » NextAction, last actions (tags: gtd javascript xml) Raw » Passing it around (tags: javascript tools xml) Va... Read more