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Links For 2006 02 03

links for 2006-02-03 Tao of Poker: Pauly's Poker Blog (tags: poker blog blogs games wsop links cards) Gluten-free Girl (tags: cooking food blog foodblog celiac glutenfree recipes tutorial recipe) Read more


Hacks So I’ve been toying with the idea behind Audrey Tang’s RDF::Yaml and the fact that JSON is YAML ( … last night things finally coalesced in my head to produce the RDF to YAML or JSON Translator You can plug in a URL to a RDF/XML document, optionally specifiy which URI in that document you ... Read more

Links For 2006 02 02

links for 2006-02-02 Google Reader API Notes on how Google's Reader API works (tags: rss api article google web) Web Services - Audioscrobbler Web Services APIs for Audioscrobbler / ... so you can programmatically look at what you've been listening to. (tags: music audioscrobbler api webservice audio web2.0 web... Read more

New Changes

New Changes I have been re-organizing again. There will be a new look and feel when I get a chance to finish all the templates. There is a new URL structure, entries have categories and are saved into those categories. So all my endless drivel about Poker is saved into it’s own special place. Also I’m trying to figure out ways to make the whole... Read more

Links For 2006 02 01

links for 2006-02-01 E-Prime Contextual aware speach avoiding the problematic "to be" verbs ... (tags: language e-prime linguistics philosophy english writing semantics) Read more