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Links For 2006 01 07

links for 2006-01-07 Simple AJAX with MochiKit and JSON, Part I (tags: AJAX javascript mochikit json tutorial programming python) MochiKit - Trac (tags: javascript mochikit ajax wiki) MochiKit Documentation Index (tags: javascript library ajax dom programming js mochikit) Cloud Factory Mixes (tags: music mp3 ambien... Read more

Links For 2006 01 06

links for 2006-01-06 Clerihews "a humorous pseudo-biographical quatrain, rhymed as two couplets, with lines of uneven length more or less in the rhythm of prose. It is short and pithy, and often contains or implies a moral reflection of some kind. The name of the individual who is the (tags: poetry english wordplay) Chinese Soup R... Read more

Links For 2006 01 04

links for 2006-01-04 The Fox and the Hedgehog (tags: philosophy metaphysics) Read more

Links For 2005 12 24

links for 2005-12-24 Danny Ayers, Raw Blog : » SparqlWare and Einstein’s fish Einstein's Fish solved using n3 and cwm's sparql support (tags: n3 rdf inference sparql) Danny Ayers, Raw Blog : » Sudoku RDF/OWL Solvable? Solving Sudoku puzzles using Euler and N3 (tags: n3 owl rdf euler) Read more

Links For 2005 12 23

links for 2005-12-23 Yahoo! Search Shortcuts notes on how to use Yahoo to extend the MozillaOS (tags: yahoo shortcuts mozilla firefox) Read more