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Links For 2005 11 16

links for 2005-11-16 Quality of Service - WRT Wiki Setting up QoS using dd-wrt on the WRT54G (tags: network dd-wrt wifi) FlowChart - Catalyst - Trac Request Cycle for Catalyst Applications (tags: catalyst perl web application) Read more

Links For 2005 11 15

links for 2005-11-15 Sci.electronics FAQ: Car Battery (tags: hardware howto reference cars battery) Car and Deep Cycle Battery FAQ, Battery Manufacturers and Brand Names List, and Battery References and Information Links List (tags: car links battery reference) Google Answers: Dead car battery - why? (tags: battery cars) ... Read more

Links For 2005 11 12

links for 2005-11-12 Corpus Linguistics: table of contents Pages to supplment the Book (tags: linguistics) Producing Open Source Software (tags: articles book books business collaboration community copyright howto interesting development linux opensource programming software text toread oreilly) Custom Perl Aggregates Cu... Read more

Links For 2005 11 11

links for 2005-11-11 Quaffing Schema A RDF schema for tracking important things ... like who owes who the next round! (tags: axkit-dahut rdf beer) Read more

All The Best Irish Drinking Songs

All the Best Irish Drinking Songs Macguire’s Hill 16 I once had a live session tape recorded at this pub. I’d bought it at the pub. It was single handedly one of the best live traditional sessions I have ever listened to. I’ve no clue what has become of the tape now. Read more