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Links For 2005 10 26

links for 2005-10-26 Erik Davis' Figments & Inklings Interviews with both Larry Wall and Neil Gaimen, and all linked to the themes surrounding his book Techgnosis (tags: media philosophy technology) Read more

Links For 2005 10 25

links for 2005-10-25 Project Info - Perl RDF::Helper (tags: rdf perl projects) Attribute::Handlers - Simpler definition of attribute handlers Might be nice to add to SAWA ... catalyst has a very nice Actions dispatch setup based upon these (tags: perl hacks sawa catalyst) Read more

Funny Anecdotes

Funny Anecdotes So last night Katie comes into our room at 2am. She says “Daddy I had a bad dream.” Which isn’t horrible suprising, she often falls asleep in our bed, and I move her when Jamie and I come to bed. We also keep a blowup mattress in our room for her (A hello kitty sleeping bag style one if that makes sense) because she will sleep si... Read more

Links For 2005 10 19

links for 2005-10-19 THE AQUABATS LYRICS (tags: aquabats lyrics music) Read more

Links For 2005 10 18

links for 2005-10-18 Welcome to ZeroC, the Home of Ice (tags: api development computer internet java language library network networking opensource php programming soap python software tech tools distributed corba c++) the Scarlet Letters: Notes on Making Art (tags: art creativity inspiration writing lifehacks gtd 43folders articl... Read more