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Links For 2005 10 17

links for 2005-10-17 Lady Elegant's Tea Room & Shoppe, An English Cottage Tea Room with a Victorian Touch (tags: St_Paul tea restaurants) Minnesota Tearooms at TeaGuide The Original Online Tea Room Directory (tags: St_Paul tea rooms resturants) Read more

Wakeup Were Here

Wakeup, we’re here… I mentioned to Nacho that I would post this. I got Alice (my iBook running Tiger) updating it’s Network Location based off the ssid of the network it joins to when it wakes up from suspend. I used a script ( from this page. I just had to munge the script a little, the following line: #look up the status... Read more

Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil $> alias tarcat="perl5 -MArchive::Tar -e 'print Archive::Tar->new(shift)->get_content(shift)'" $> tarcat mytarball.tar.gz filename Now you can cat a specific file from inside the tarball… requires IO::Zlib and Archive::Tar though but hey … it works! Read more

Awsome Forces

Awsome Forces So because of Mark I have signed up with which is very very neat thus far. Okay so it really isn’t doing anyting for me beyond tracking my musical tastes. But that alone is pretty neat. What really needs to happen though is needs to join forces with someone like iTMS, Napster or better yet eMusic . So that instead ... Read more

Links For 2005 10 13

links for 2005-10-13 Tumbleweed Tiny House Company | Houses (tags: design diy architecture home interesting misc mobile sustainability) Bathroom Remodeling Checklist (tags: diy checklist) SW Preservation Palette (tags: diy house colors) SkyMall - Circuit Breaker Detective Bungalow Addict - 1929 Bungalow Restora... Read more