The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Weird Dream S

Weird Dream(s) second (third? fourth?) time I’ve had this dream. I’m a guy , detective I think. It’s a period piece, 30s, 40s. Very noir. I go, do a snoop job or something. Come have dinner at a diner. Get a call on their phone to come back to my place. My office is out of a front room of my house. I’m home. I meet with my business partner, J... Read more

Links For 2005 07 30

links for 2005-07-30 PipSqueek IRC Bot - More than just a friendly bot! (tags: poe irc bots) Tlaloc's svk builds OSX Binaries for SVK -- and more importantly the source files to build your own (tags: svk osx mac macintosh) Tivo To Go Unleashed! How to unleash the TiVo To Go software (tags: tivo tivotogo mpeg video webs... Read more

Keeping Trac Of Things

Keeping Trac of Things I have gotten the svk + svn + trac love working on my home systems. I should have done this weeks ago but didn’t think about it until yesterday or so. Basically though I can now work on either Bender or my Poker Server anywhere and sync it via SVK, then have the changes appear nicely in the Trac so I can keep track of what... Read more

Links For 2005 07 29

links for 2005-07-29 All About Circuits :: Complete guide to Electric Circuits A series of online text books explaining electricity. (tags: reference books) NTA news (tags: nortel vpn) Read more

Links For 2005 07 28

links for 2005-07-28 Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla more general background information for work (tags: development firefox mozilla web javascript ie css) Read more