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Links For 2005 07 28

links for 2005-07-28 Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla more general background information for work (tags: development firefox mozilla web javascript ie css) Read more

Links For 2005 07 27

links for 2005-07-27 IE Emu for Moz (WebFX) (tags: code css dhtml firefox html IE mozilla javascript web) Internet & Web - Web Content (tags: javascript css apple webdev webdesign dom) Mail Act-On 1.3.1 - Key Stroke Plugin for Apple Mail.App (tags: osx mac mail software email plugin) Comprehensive Listin... Read more

Links For 2005 07 26

links for 2005-07-26 MacMine: Tutorials: Modding your iBook's Apple Logo (tags: apple ibook mac diy howto hacks hardware) Read more

Life Is So Unfair.

Life is so unfair. From this page Christy posted in her blog: 12. You are more... A) decisive B) indecisive Right so if you’re B like me you’re obviously still trying to choose. Life is so unfair. Christy also pointed out this image which happily was printed, and taped to my office wall. Read more

Links For 2005 07 22

links for 2005-07-22 Introduction to DHTML Behaviors (Internet Explorer - Behaviors) (tags: code dhtml html IE javascript programming reference web webdev) Modularize your Web design with DHTML behaviors (tags: dhtml webdev css) Pluto support (tags: automation home development sql) Read more