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Links For 2005 08 17

links for 2005-08-17 Parsing RSS At All Costs (tags: rss xml) How to consume RSS safely [dive into mark] (tags: rss xml html) Read more

Links For 2005 08 13

links for 2005-08-13 Main Page - OSx86 Several HowTo's on getting OSx86 developer to run on a standard PC (tags: apple apps computers guides mac macosx osx software wiki windows x86) Paintings by Maciej Ceglowski (tags: art web) The Free Press -- Independent News Media - Election 2004 Read more

Links For 2005 08 05

links for 2005-08-05 GHT Repair Service: - Palm, Handspring, Clie, Dell Axim, HP iPAQ & PDA Parts, Accessory & Repair Service Prices for repairing varios PDAs, including a now broken Zire 71 *sigh* (tags: pda repair prices palm zire) Zire 71 Take Apart: - Palm, Handspring, Clie, Dell Axim, HP iPAQ... Read more

Links For 2005 08 03

links for 2005-08-03 Planet OSCON Aggregated blogs of OSCON (tags: oscon blogs) svnserve, a custom server how to configure OpenSSH to best support svn+ssh:// repositories (tags: svn ssh svnserve) Read more

Weird Dream S

Weird Dream(s) second (third? fourth?) time I’ve had this dream. I’m a guy , detective I think. It’s a period piece, 30s, 40s. Very noir. I go, do a snoop job or something. Come have dinner at a diner. Get a call on their phone to come back to my place. My office is out of a front room of my house. I’m home. I meet with my business partner, J... Read more