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Links For 2005 06 30

links for 2005-06-30 What Is Lojban? (tags: language invented) Perl 6 is Here Today! (tags: perl6 pugs YAPC) Perl6::Bible - The Gospel according to Cabal All the Perl6 documents easily consumable (tags: perl6 documentation) - Podcast directory (by category) National Public Radio programs via Po... Read more

Bad Programming Is Visible In Any Language

Bad programming is visible in any language <a href=”” The Story</a> … The Code It just goes to show that horrible programming can be done in any language. And that sometimes you just do what ends up working. Read more

Links For 2005 06 28

links for 2005-06-28 Jon Udell: How do you design a remixable Web application? (tags: ajax software api webdev xml remix greasemonkey delicious toread web article) Installing Perl 5.8 on Jaguar (tags: howto mac macosx osx perl programming software) Read more

Links For 2005 06 27

links for 2005-06-27 Sabacc Rules and Hand Values Sickeningly this is a very addictive game. (tags: card games star_wars) Read more

Links For 2005 06 26

links for 2005-06-26 Holdem hand percentages for 1 - 9 opponents (tags: articles poker) Read more