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Links For 2005 07 04

links for 2005-07-04 Wired 13.07: Keeping It (Un)real (tags: art article music remix damonalbarn jamiehewlett gorillaz neilgaiman interview) Read more

Links For 2005 07 03

links for 2005-07-03 Card Games (tags: geek poker reference) Read more

Links For 2005 07 01

links for 2005-07-01 dotpattern - playing card joker collection (tags: copyright design games cards) Delicious Library (tags: mac osx library apple tools design) Polaroid-o-nizerâ„¢ (tags: photography polaroid photos tools photo web design) Learn More About 43 Things on 43 Things (tags: blogs lists productivity) ... Read more

Podcasting Part Troix

Podcasting part Troix Mark was looking for a way to podcast NPR shows, I knew about ( but found this today: 43 Folders: Podcasts of non-commercial and public radio shows I decided it was better to blog it rather than simply let do it for me. Read more

Links For 2005 06 30

links for 2005-06-30 What Is Lojban? (tags: language invented) Perl 6 is Here Today! (tags: perl6 pugs YAPC) Perl6::Bible - The Gospel according to Cabal All the Perl6 documents easily consumable (tags: perl6 documentation) - Podcast directory (by category) National Public Radio programs via Po... Read more