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Links For 2005 05 26

links for 2005-05-26 "We Were Getting it Right, But Not Right Wing" Bill Moyers Responds to CPB's Tomlinson Charges of Liberal Bias (tags: pbs news media politics) worldKit :: easy web mapping :: Home (tags: geo maps rdf) trendalicious! (tags: delicious trends tools web bookmarks daily) HubLog: Gathere... Read more

Links For 2005 05 25

links for 2005-05-25 Higher-Order JavaScript Higher Order Perl translated into Javascript (tags: perl javascript books) Read more

Links For 2005 05 21

links for 2005-05-21 Personal and small business information manager: Get organized, Backpack (tags: web gtd tools organization pim software wiki) The Perl 6 Meta Model A Description of the OO/ Model framework behind Perl 6 (used for Pugs) (tags: axkit-dahut perl6) Paradigm Shift Web comic piro at Mega Tokyo suggested. ... Read more

Why Didnt Anybody Tell Me

Why didn’t anybody tell me!? macosxhints - Enable true laptop function keys with 10.3.3 With the 10.3.3 update, there's a new checkbox in the keyboard preferences pane labeled "Use the F1-F12 keys for custom actions." If you check it, then you get "real" function keys, while holding down fn gives you the brightness, sound, etc controls. Kudos t... Read more

Links For 2005 05 20

links for 2005-05-20 UVA Computer Science: The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia very very old yes (tags: axkit-dahut) The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) (tags: movie misc film data) YAPC 2000: Stages of a Perl Programmer (tags: perl) we make money not art the intersection or art/design and technology (tags: art blog... Read more