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Im A Gypsy Prince

I’m a Gypsy prince… Last night our local PBS station showed Ramones: End of the Century which is simply amazing. I loved the Ramones before but didn’t really know much about them beyond they were one of the US punk bands that mirrored the scene in Camden. This documentary however shows how they played for 20 years, and never managed to get a tr... Read more

Links For 2005 04 30

links for 2005-04-30 HTML::WikiConverter - An HTML to wiki markup converter (tags: axkit-dahut html wiki) Read more

Links For 2005 04 24

links for 2005-04-24 The Telephone EXchange Name Project (tags: retro nostalgia telephones programming) Read more

Links For 2005 04 23

links for 2005-04-23 Minnesota Center for Book Arts Read more

Links For 2005 04 21

links for 2005-04-21 Plan B: Pigsty - a Firefox extension for RDF galleries (tags: extension firefox images metadata rdf photo semanticweb semweb tools) Pigsty firefox extension (tags: firefox rdf extension photo image foaf semweb) SKOS PROJECT (tags: api folksonomy language ontology semantic semantics semanticweb semweb w... Read more