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Links For 2005 04 01

links for 2005-04-01 MIDP for Palm OS (tags: java palm) J2ME Wireless Toolkit Download (tags: java j2me palm) GreaseMonkeyUserScripts - An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki (tags: firefox greasemonkey javascript extensions web mozilla tools) - Shadow Plan for Palm OS (tags: shadowplan outliner palm) Turtle -... Read more

Links For 2005 03 31

links for 2005-03-31 Smultron (tags: osx software mac editor text apple macosx) MeNow (tags: rdf tools) Read more

Links For 2005 03 29

links for 2005-03-29 Azureus - PortForwarding (tags: bittorrent software howto) The Oblique Strategies Web Site (tags: art axkit-dahut brainstorming creativity gtd design hacks music reference productivity tools web) Games::Cards::Poker - Pure Perl Poker functions (tags: perl games poker) P... Read more

Links For 2005 03 28

links for 2005-03-28 University of Central Florida - Webcam (tags: ucf webcam) WebCams (tags: webcams webcam blog art geo google hacks video) Apple iBook 700 (14-Inch) @ (tags: alice ibook apple) Read more

Shes Gotta Mean Freestyle

“She’s Gotta Mean Freestyle” Nancy is the backbone of the outreach. She does the bulk of the behind the scenes work. She knows all and she is the master coordinator. She's the catylist that makes the vision turn into the practical. You find her during the outreach with the single file line of outreachers and leaders with questions. She has a mea... Read more