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Links For 2005 03 25

links for 2005-03-25 Minnesota Valley Humane Society- Burnsville Their list of links for help. (categories: dogs) Apple ibook, bluetooth, Tungsten T and the t68i (categories: apple bluetooth) Redland RDF Application Framework Notes - Building from CVS (categories: redland osx rdf semweb) Apple typography - Wikipedi... Read more

Links For 2005 03 24

links for 2005-03-24 How to Use Progress Bars (categories: java) How to Use Threads (categories: java programming) Primer - Getting into the semantic web and RDF using N3 (categories: rdf xml n3 semweb tutorial semanticweb webservices) Collections vs Containers from David Menendez on 2003-11-12 (www-rdf-interest@w3.o... Read more

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links for 2005-03-23 Top Ten Digital Photography Tips (categories: photography tips photo digital photos art) Blue Coconut:: Introduction (categories: itunes osx mac music apple apps daap) Phil Harvey / Image-ExifTool-4.87 (categories: photos exit metadata) Virtue (categories: mac... Read more

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links for 2005-03-22 Math and Physics Applets (categories: physics applets) How to Do Anything Photographic © 2005 Ken Rockwell (categories: photography howto reference tutorials camera photos photo) RAW workflow (categories: photography) ecto: What is ecto? (categories: tools software osx mac tech) Main Page... Read more


Organization So I got mentioned on planet RDF via jo’s journal I recalled how highly dngnand had spoken of [Getting Things Done] last year and sworn by the Life Balance PDA version; we've talked with perigrin about writing an irc lifebalance bot based on dngnand's description of the operations, and sketched prototypes... Which leads me to want... Read more