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Links For 2005 03 24

links for 2005-03-24 How to Use Progress Bars (categories: java) How to Use Threads (categories: java programming) Primer - Getting into the semantic web and RDF using N3 (categories: rdf xml n3 semweb tutorial semanticweb webservices) Collections vs Containers from David Menendez on 2003-11-12 (www-rdf-interest@w3.o... Read more

Links For 2005 03 23

links for 2005-03-23 Top Ten Digital Photography Tips (categories: photography tips photo digital photos art) Blue Coconut:: Introduction (categories: itunes osx mac music apple apps daap) Phil Harvey / Image-ExifTool-4.87 (categories: photos exit metadata) Virtue (categories: mac... Read more

Links For 2005 03 22

links for 2005-03-22 Math and Physics Applets (categories: physics applets) How to Do Anything Photographic © 2005 Ken Rockwell (categories: photography howto reference tutorials camera photos photo) RAW workflow (categories: photography) ecto: What is ecto? (categories: tools software osx mac tech) Main Page... Read more


Organization So I got mentioned on planet RDF via jo’s journal I recalled how highly dngnand had spoken of [Getting Things Done] last year and sworn by the Life Balance PDA version; we've talked with perigrin about writing an irc lifebalance bot based on dngnand's description of the operations, and sketched prototypes... Which leads me to want... Read more

Links For 2005 03 21

links for 2005-03-21 About DragThing (categories: apple mac osx software tools) [unsanity] Products - Unsanity - Makers of Haxies, small useful utilities that enhance and redefine how Mac OS X works. (categories: apple hacks mac macintosh osx software) Read more