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Redland Gentoo Love

Redland Gentoo Love So I have managed to build a set of ebuilds for the latest snapshots of Redland. Basically I just updated the ebuilds from portage to point at the snapshot files, and renamed them. I had to tinker a bit with the ebuild for Redland Bindings. The distributed didn’t like the new Redland version number (1.0.1) when c... Read more

Links For 2005 03 08

links for 2005-03-08 Smart Tips and Tricks for iPod Maintaince (categories: ipod music mp3s itunes) Playlist: Troubleshooting iTunes (categories: itunes tips) From Wiki to XML, through SGML (categories: tools wiki xml) Read more

Well It Works

Well it works,… Well it works, the script below will pickup any text file and post it to my movable type blog automatically. Now I need to dig out my palm pilot again and dredge up the post I made earlier that was accidentally deleted during testing. Read more

Uncle Mark Slighly Blurry

Uncle Mark (slighly Blurry) Read more

Trying Something New...

Trying Something New…… Trying Something New… So there are a few dead posts that you may have seen before I deleted them. I’m trying a new Auto Blogging script I wrote to allow me to automatically blog files posted to a directory. This should make things much easier for me, I can write simple text files on my palm pilot, rsync them into the prop... Read more