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Links For 2005 03 10

links for 2005-03-10 Remarks at NBER Conference on Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce (categories: news politics reading science) Read more

Links For 2005 03 09

links for 2005-03-09 Mimer SQL Developers - Mimer SQL Validator Validate against 92, 99, and 2003 SQL standards (categories: sql standards) IRC/2 Numeric List The numerics for IRC (categories: irc specs) DATABASE DEBUNKINGS - HOME (categories: sql design programming rdbms) The Atlantic Online | April 2002 | Seein... Read more

An Excellent Review Of Mcse Study Material

An Excellent Review of MCSE Study Material Books: MCSE Self Paced Training Kit: Windows Server 2003 Core Requirements "I read these four books in under five hours having just got back from a week long, round-the-world, drugs and alcohol bender before finally hitting the sack. I managed to sit all four of the exams while being comp... Read more


# English Cut I really hope that the spot where the rug was rolled up on the parquet floor, so Mr. Astaire could dance to check the fit of his coat never came away from his collar, won't be the permanent resting place for a new Xerox machine. God forbid. Read more

Redland Gentoo Love

Redland Gentoo Love So I have managed to build a set of ebuilds for the latest snapshots of Redland. Basically I just updated the ebuilds from portage to point at the snapshot files, and renamed them. I had to tinker a bit with the ebuild for Redland Bindings. The distributed didn’t like the new Redland version number (1.0.1) when c... Read more