The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Off To Florida

Off to Florida So I’m off to Florida tonight. Not that many of you would notice, considering how spradically I post here anymore. I’m back again on Sunday, and I expect the entire weekend to be a madcap nonstop race. Read more

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Read more

Universal Flow

Universal Flow I have been reading Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Flow is that experience you get when you’re deeply involved in some task, and you’re totally focused on what’s going on. I’ve just started the book and it’s an odd mixture of science and self help prose. My only conclusion is that it was wr... Read more

Google Is Self Aware

Google is Self Aware… Google Search: define:google So I went to lookup a definiton for a word, and google presented me with one of it’s new tools “define:” searches. This is I think one of the best tools google has provided me yet, it presents so many possiblities. You can have a hypertext version of a story, and link the large words to like ... Read more

Programmer Wanted ... Drummers Need Not Apply.

Programmer wanted … Drummer’s need not Apply. GrepLaw | John Gilmore on inflight activism, spam and sarongs Now, tell me how musicians can make a living in an environment where oligopoly distributors steal their creative work as a “work for hire”, pay them by the hour for creating it, regardless of how well it sells, lock them in by contract fo... Read more