The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

New Life

New Life I have moved hosts, and added the MT blacklist plugin. We shall see how well this works now. Read more

Pointless Ramblings

Pointless Ramblings… Right, so let’s see if we can sum up the disparate threads of thought that actually impelled me to blog. We start with Kake having fixed OpenGuides to allow international location based searches. So you can now add a bunch of geodata to an OpenGuide (like St. Paul’s or Orlando’s). This is great, it’s spurred me to begin ad... Read more

A Test

A Test A friend of mine, Mike, created a script that proxies George Bush’s website through his own. The script isn’t technically very challenging. The interesting piece is another Friend (Kjetil) posted a link to the script to /. and gave it a decently politicized description. Let’s see if the slavoring hordes at /. devour Mike’s poor server. Read more

I Wish Id Known

I wish I’d known Radio RE-Volt has been taking place in the Cities for the last few months, and this is the first I’ve heard about it. That said, I can see some nifty uses for this. Linking it with things like Podcasting. Read more

Regime Change

Regime Change This is why they need to go. Read more