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Links For 2005 03 05

links for 2005-03-05 Ask Bjørn Hansen: put /etc/ under svk/svn (categories: hacks linux svk sysadmin tools) BNF for SQL92 I'm not sure how helpful this is, but it's probably handy to have bookmarked (categories: sql) 15 Seconds : Advanced SQL Techniques - Part 1: Analyzing Duplicate Records nice way to use a subquery (... Read more

New Features

New Features So as you can see by the previous post, and the one before that I’ve got some automated blogging working for me now. I’m happy to say that I can start adding more content quickly to this blog, perhaps even without actually blogging. Hopefully this whole thing will help me keep up on the actual “blogging” portion of this whole thing... Read more

Links For 2005 03 04

links for 2005-03-04 Gui Avoider (categories: mac interface usability readings tips) Seebis Blog - SPARQL Query Tool (categories: php rdf sparql) XUI - Home page (categories: java programming ui xml) CGI::Cache - Perl extension to help cache output of time-intensive CGI scripts This could be dead u... Read more

Do You Get The Picture

Do you get the Picture? So here’s why I love Perl. The pictures on your right are brought to you by a 29 line Perl script (see below) which rummages through all my photographs and presents the N most recent ones (N here obviously being 4). It then formats everything and presents it as HTML. Read more

Sparql And Php

SPARQL and PHP Seebis Blog - SPARQL Query Tool This shouldn’t be that hard to recreate with SAWA. Maybe I found the thing to tinker with tonight. Read more