The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Updates Left And Right

Updates left and right I updated the ICBM tags for this website, it makes me sorta wanna see about adding them to the templates for OG Saint Paul and then adding some more meta linkage stuff, similar to Sites near The Room - GeoURL (2.0) Read more

Superman Is A Dick

Superman is a Dick “Witness what is quite possibly the greatest Batman quote ever.” Put this one under “found objects that Christy needs to see”. Read more


Oh! And before I forget, today is my Thrid Wedding Anniversary. Happy Anniversary baby. I may actually have a lead on a present for you. But since nobody read’s my blog, you won’t know it if I fail. Read more


Burnt Well I’ve burnt nearly all my comments. I didn’t intend to burn them quite this badly, but then they weren’t really adding content anymore through the spam that had clogged them up. If I deleted something you said, I apologize. If you care, e-mail me. Read more

Comments Are Going ... Going ... Gone

Comments are going … going … gone… Sadly the largest hits on this site are searches performed against the spam in the comments. So I’ve decided to delete all the past comments in an effort to clean house. I’m gonna start with the blogs that recieved no useable comments and work my way forward from there. I hope this will work. Read more