The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

My Comments Are Done

My Comments are Done I stumbled across a post on which summed up alot of feelings I’ve had about blogging in the last two years or so. The personal stuff, well...I'm just realizing that lots of people I know read this blog -- people I've had romantic relationships with, people I have professional relationships with, people I owe... Read more

Rdf Is Hard

RDF is hard So I’ve been working on moving the Perl Monger XML over to XML/RDF. But like SemWeb Barbie says “RDF is Hard”. I finally got a small sample to validate clean but I want to re-arrange things so that I can easily parse it using XML::LibXML or some other fairly simple parser, so it can then be transformed by Template Toolkit. Why I hea... Read more

Mark Was Right

Mark was right… Limp - Guitarded BAG LUNCH he sits by himself bag lunch in hand wearing all the wrong clothes fashion like dad watching everyone else thinking what's the difference the difference is all you're better than the rest you just don't know it yet that's the problem with you this is just a test you'll pass it if you don't settle like ... Read more

The Grand French Decline

The Grand French Decline Summertime, and living is not easy for French racked with self-doubt The question becomes, is this a problem that is fundemental to the French? I’ve lived in two distinct cultures recently, and found they both are questioning themselves in the lights of the new world. Britan (especially Scotland) seems to share the sam... Read more

Signaling Discontent

Signaling Discontent This streamed across (which I’ve just started using) SIGNAL ORANGE which interests me but I’m not sure why. Possibly because I’m listening to alot of Anti-Flag and Chomsky at the moment. I’m wondering if the corporate media will pick up on this, or even if the non-corporate media (read blogosphere) will really s... Read more