The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

A Contest

A Contest Perl people have a tendancy to be literary people. This is why ActiveState, the people responsible for Perl on Windows have released a Perl Haiku Contest 3 Lines 5 / 7 / 5 syllables No similies or metaphores strive for "lightness" or "openess" ... and depth </ul> Oh ... and it needs to compile with 'perl -c' Read more


Usefulness So I had promised to provide links to stuff when someone asked last night on the phone. I was gonna link to the but this was much more interesting. I also promised a link to the article about the Future of Perl. If I remember the other links, or I’m reminded of the other links, I’ll post them too. Read more

One More

One More Okay, this is pretty interesting too… Cracking the Code: The Baroque Cycle Mystery Read more

Want Need

Want Need Here’s a new want-need. Hardware Divx, streaming media, Wifi capable … Linksys DVD player!!! Is it too early to start writing to Santa? Read more

Looking For Some Space

Looking for some space? So, if you’re looking for some hosting for your weblog, and you happen to read mine perhaps we can make a deal. I can’t afford to keep the new server unless the people who are currently using it (if you don’t know who you are I’ll e-mail you) and perhaps a few others help chip in to defray the costs. Doing the maths, it ... Read more