The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?


Comics First: Kevin & Kell by Bill Holbrook You have to appreciate the premise. A wolf and rabbit meet and fall in love online. Very much a post modern relationship at it’s best. Also Mark got me the first Megatokyo Book for my birthday. Signed by Piro and Seraphim! J0 r0x0r m4r <! Read more

Fun With Xslt

FUN with XSLT So I created yet another template engine today. But this time I created it in XSLT, and it takes xhtml as it’s template format. You don’t get anything fancy, it just parses the HTML and replaces elements with the right id attribute with content from the source XML file. So far it’s tested with AxKit and SAWA (both using LibXSLT) ... Read more


RSS First I found: Planet Perl Which takes out a good number of the links I read from the side panel (Dan and Baud are both in there, as are a number of other Perl people) And that linked me to: Syndicated Content Which really this simply means that I need to get some form of RSS aggregator working on my behalf, because the world... Read more


Free! This is a very cool thing: TheOpenCD It’s all open source applications that work under Windows. All of them are free as in beer as well as free as in speech. Read more

Working On Getting The New

Working on getting the new Working on getting the new server up and running. We’ll see how it works. Read more