The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Climb Every Mountpoint

Climb Every Mountpoint So I got my Secure Digital Card reader working on the Linux box (yes, I got the linux box working again too). This is nice because I can now move files on and off the SD card as if it were just another file system on the laptop. An example of how this worked well for me, a friend sent me a file in OpenOffice format, I con... Read more

Two Things

Two things… 1) we’re trying to find a school for katie, we’re thinking of one of these: 2) I’m gonna rebuild dad’s laptop tomorrow and I think I’ll add in this: Read more

Why Do I Doubt Their Sincerity

Why do I doubt their sincerity? You're undoubtedly quirky...but that's what makes your views interesting. </blockquote> This is one of the comments I've deleted while cleaning up the site after 2 months of forced neglect. It's nice, but um was posted by someone named Viagra with a url to a online perscription drug store. Somehow I doubt... Read more

Not Dead

Not dead… Well I’m not dead. Despite any rumors to the contrary. At this very moment I’m sitting in a friends living room in northern Germany (hour or two drive from the north sea) and we’re looking at what we’ll be doing for the next two weeks in England before we travel Home (via Iceland). So that should answer the questions as to where I am.... Read more

Making ... Cider

Making … Cider So a friend (dngor) brews his own beer. And I’m realizing that I’ll be moving back to the US and will be lacking regular cider on tap. Which got me to wondering about brewing my own Cider. Dngor found me this ASHLYNN’S recipe and will probably prove to be a good resource to setting up my own moonshine…er still… er brewhause. Read more