The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Playing Catchup

Playing Catchup Let’s see. Paris was wonderful. Long stories that need to be thought about and posted later. I’ve been horribly busy with work because we released our project about two days before I returned from Paris … and then comes the bugfixing. Elsewhere I got a sourceforge account for SoqL ( which means... Read more

T Sql Is Evil.

T-SQL is evil. Maybe Rhonda can figure this out… it totally stumps me why it’s not working. See inside for the goary details, but I spent an hour or so trying to figure it out or look up a reason on the net as to why it’s failing. Bonus points to whoever gives the best explanation why. (I’ve no clue) Read more

Two Months Later

Two Months Later So, I feel a bit short changed. One of the links I have on my homepage to remind myself I’d like to read it daily hasn’t been updated in two whole months (today!). Granted, she’s been busy. She’s got a new job starting next month. But did she bother to tell us about it? No. One would think a momentus event like actually finding... Read more

So I Think Ive Gotten

So I think I’ve gotten So I think I’ve gotten Zaphod all converted over to Linux. Last night he was running X windows with Fluxbox and KDE. Tonight I’m getting a ton of Perl modules installed for working on stuff (like Bender and YAPC::EU) and It all seems good from here. Read more

Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis

Whatchu’ Talkin ‘Bout Willis? The Bands at this year’s Warped Tour don’t look all that bad. I mean yeah there’s Dropkick which I would love to see live … but there’s also AFI, The Ataris, Face to Face, LTJ, Mad Caddies, Rancid, Tsunami Bomb, and Yellow card … all of which I’ve decided I like (after spending several days of listening to punk radi... Read more