The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

The Best Article Ive Seen Yet

The best article I’ve seen yet… I love the opening of this article about the bull that got loose in a Chinashop in Lancashire yesterday. Bull finally breaks into china shop, wreaking havoc you would expect – Chris Lackner Read more

Via The Author

Via the Author Neil Gaimen has spent alot of time talking to others about how he became a writer, what it means to write, and how others can do the same. I think one of the best pieces on writing I’ve seen from him thus far is his The interview with Lou Reed [via Neil Gaimen]. It’s ironic because the best pieces about writing are by Lou. Read more

Path Of Forking Gardens

Path of Forking Gardens So I added a new little green button to the bottom of the page (you might have noticed it). It links to GeoURL which resolves blogs to real world coordinates. I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea or not but I’ve thought about it a whole lot and decided yes, I do like the idea for may varied reasons which I will explain later... Read more

Ct Has Gone And Done It

CT has gone and done it… In theory he’s enabled trackback’s and comments but they don’t apper to be working brilliantly (or actually at all just now). But that’s okay, it’s the thought that counts right? However I do have to take issue with the fact that he posts blatant and unflagged spoilers on his frontpage with no warning (well there was w... Read more

Why Perl

Why Perl? UMMF - UML Meta-Model Framework The bottom has the best description of why perl and not Java I’ve seen written down yet. Read more