The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Punc Rawk

punc rawk! SoCal P.I.S.S. Because it makes working with ASP berable. Read more


Linux Well I’ve managed to get enough linux installed on the laptop that I can (obviously) get online. Though I am using lynx as a web browser at the moment. X (with KDE) is installing as we speak, hopefully I can get Firebird (Mozilla’s browser only) and XChat and other goodies working when it’s finished. After that it’ll be time to figure out ... Read more

New Katie Pictures

New Katie Pictures There are new pictures of kaitlynn up here. The one of Kaitlynn and the Telescope is titled “Looking for Monsters” and is by Jamie. The other two are by Mark. You’ll have to decide for yourselves which you prefer, I’m not saying. Read more

He Went To Paris

He Went to Paris My YAPC::EU talk was accepted. I shall be speaking for 40 minutes on the Compiler I wrote for Soq. I have most of an outline written, but I need to polish it up and actually write the damn slides … I’m thinking of going with xHTML generated from the ShadowXML files the slides are currently in. That way I theoretically could use... Read more

Bender Rises Again

Bender rises again… Bender has working Blogger code again (not that this really means much). And he seems to be heavily used by the #YAPC people (YAPC::NA currently is happening in Boca Raton) as an OpBot. This only means that Rhonda was probably right. The alter-ego for my Bot has a better Perl life than I do. Read more