The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?


Time… My brother graduates high school today. He even managed to pass enough classes to get a Distinction of Honor diploma from his “School of Choice” highschool. In a week and a half he’ll be comming to visit. It really cannot be fast enough for Katie. She’s been asking at least weekly for the last month “Is uncle Mark here het?” “No sweetie a... Read more

Technical Writing

Technical Writing This is an example of technical writing with a strong voice: ANSI Codes I’m sure my professors would have been proud. I wish I’d seen this when I was still there. Read more

Re De Centrification

Re-De-Centrification… headmap: The Declaration of Interdependence This is a great article about the re-decentrification of the internet. At least I think it’s a re-decentrification, I remember the net going through a pretty bland “let’s unify everything to be the same” for a while there. It seems to be getting better now. Read more

This Is For Christy

This is for Christy… What’s up with Enoch Root? Plot hole? Or foreshadowing? You decide. Read more


Oops… Tenant List. '."\n" ); // don't worry about this - it works! Honest.... $filename = "data.home/tenantlist.txt"; if( file_exists( $filename ... Google Search: Ocean Terminal [via Craig] Read more