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Ideas From A Forign Land.

Ideas from a forign land. A Municple Goverment Broadband Network [via Ziggy] does sound like a very good idea. I wish more municiple goverments would check in and realize that setting up internet access really should be on the same level as water, gas, and electricity. Simply a municiple service that people can subscribe to. Then again I’m a r... Read more


Title: Hehehe Author: Chris Prather Date: 2003-05-05 20:53:13 If life were like IRC Read more

Eye Candy

Eye candy The photos voted by readers as the best images of the past year [via Mom] Read more

Finally A Cause To Support

Finally a cause to support! Ban DHMO 86% favor banning it, shouldn’t you? Read more

Its Not Really Suprising

It’s not really suprising… That William Gibson has a stylistically more avant guard blog than Neil Gaimen. Luckily Neil isn’t ending his weblog like Gibson is. Yeah Neil! Read more