The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

The History Of The Future

The history of the future So I’ve been reading alot of Philip K. Dick recently. Which is really interesting, because it was written just after WWII (early 50’s mostly) and has a whole different take on what the future will be like. Nearly 90% of the stories I’ve read thus far have included some form of nuclear holocost that has decimated life as... Read more

Sailor Moon Gone Terribly Wrong

Sailor Moon gone terribly wrong… His disguise was also undermined by the five o'clock shadow revealing that he regularly shaved. The BBC [via Neil Gaimen] Read more

New To Me

New to Me… Stable ownership is the gift of social law, and is given late in the progress of society. It would be curious then, if an idea, the fugitive fermentation of an individual brain, could, of natural right, be claimed in exclusive and stable property. If nature has made any one thing less susceptible than all others of exclusive property... Read more

Proof Information Wants To Be Free

Proof Information Wants to Be Free… Just look what tried running away. Read more

Ideas From A Forign Land.

Ideas from a forign land. A Municple Goverment Broadband Network [via Ziggy] does sound like a very good idea. I wish more municiple goverments would check in and realize that setting up internet access really should be on the same level as water, gas, and electricity. Simply a municiple service that people can subscribe to. Then again I’m a r... Read more