The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

This Is Interesting

This is interesting… A long thread on use.perl about Standardizing on Microsoft. I think Ziggy may have a point, though typically such rationalizations are not found in the Microsoft shop. I’ve worked for and technically work in a Microsoft Shop. I’m planning on moving my operating system to a Linux derivative (gentoo) in the (mostly because P... Read more

I Dont Know How To Take This

I don’t know how to take this… From: The Register "Florida has become the world's spam capital, thanks to weak state laws. If spammers are caught out in the state all they can expect is a slap on wrist at worst," he said. And Later: Linford believes 90 per cent of the world's spam is down to 180 recidivist spammers. Deal with them and you've... Read more

Every 28 Days

Every 28 Days… Jamie suggested that every my Bus Pass’ was rather like a period. It cycles every 28 days and is a big hassle to deal with. I pointed out that I didn’t get really moody just before getting a bus pass though, and she just glared at me. … In other news, I think I have gotten my brother’s graduation present organized. My parent’s... Read more

This Looks Interesting

This looks interesting… Open WebMail Read more

The Best Ad This Year

The Best Ad This Year While I already posted this on Bender’s blog, I thought I’d also make a point of it here. This is one of the best ad’s I’ve ever seen (and Jamie agree’s). Honda’s New Accord Read more