The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?


Rhonda! We are getting a Rhonda tonight as a guest. She works for a big company that pays for her to take a big airplane to the UK to work. I work for a small company that doesn’t pay for me to take a big airplane to the UK to work … they expect me to just take the bus in the morning like everybody else. But, this weekend sounds like it’s full... Read more

Right On Time

Right On Time Happy Birthday Mark Read more


Overheard… “Mom you’re really pissing me off” – Kaitlynn Read more

Oh Yeah

Oh yeah … I realize I’m a day late, but Happy Birthday Craig. Read more


Read… AlterNet: Metaphor and War, Again Though I still disagree with the commonly held idea that this war is “really about oil”. I think it’s really about replaying a political strategy that worked to subvert the american population in the past, namely fear of a forign element (Cold War, War on Terror). Read more